Tube Phono Stage or Tube Integrated- help!

OK All... My vinyl collection continues to grow, which now pushes me to improve. When I mean improve, I do not mean the ---" I'm now upgrading", as that usually means I am buying something because I was told its better.

What I am challenged with is moving back to a dedicated 2 chan setup and a dedicated movie setup. While I don't care if you call it an upgrade, side grade or down grade, I have bounced around preamps over the last few years and have recently installed a Marantz 8801. On one end, it is pretty amazing with movies and functionality, and while it does have a built in MM stage, I run a Denon 103R (mounted to a Acos Lustre GST-1 on a Micro Seiki BL-51). I bought a cheap Emotiva phono stage because it offers enough gain to run the Denon. 

Sounds better than my music server but not close to what I am looking for. 

The question is, has anyone seen an all tube phono stage with enough gain (and jacks on the rear) to run the Denon which outputs at .25mv. I can run the Marantz as Pure Direct and while it still goes through digital volume and the HDMI board to pass thru, it would give me pretty close to all analog.

I figured that I could always add the tube integrated later. Seems like if I did the integrated first, I would be stuck with the Emotiva SS phono anyway.

Which would be the lesser of 2 evils as I can't drop 2k on phono and another 3-4k on the integrated at the same time. Also- With regard to tubes,I know a decent amount about tube amplification but really nothing about tube phono. (tube type, how they help power and their sonic signature.

Thought this would be a lively debate, so I posted it.

Thanks in advance for all the responses!
I know of two for sure. Balanced Audio Technology VK P10 Se has around 80db gain and the Allnic H-3000 around 75db. 
If you look for a while you might find the BAT for 3K or a little less. Saw the Allnic on here around 6 months ago for around 4K. Not into debates but these two phono stages get you close to reference quality.
Best of luck!

There are very few all tube phono stages. Most phono stages designed to work with moving coil cartridges use a step up transformer of FET (solid state) front end for the first gain stage.

A few of the all tube phono stages are Aesthetix Rhea, Aesthetix Io, and NVO SPA. I am sure others can name some additional all tube phono stages that do not use transformers or solid state amplification stages.

The BAT and Allnic mentioned above use step up transformers. I am sure they are good products, but not all tube phono stages.

I hope this helps and good luck with your search.

Dear @famoej: If I was you and before on a different phono stage or an integrated one  what I will try is a today MM cartridge model.

In that option the cartridge signal has not to pass through the Emotiva circuits ( that are pretty decent ones. ) and the additional interconect cables and cables connectors but only the Marantz in direct mode that too has a decent MM phono stage. Digital volume?, is no problem those Marantz DACs has one of the latest digital technology ( 32/192 ) and I'm sure no one can identify if that volume/attenuator is digital or analog.

There are MM cartridges that outperforms the 103R that's not a great MC cartridge.

Till I listen/test it the MM alternative I don't take other option.

You said that your vinyl collection is growing up. Well if that collection is in the thousands numbers  and the time you are using, in specific to the analog two channels, is over 70%  then I could think to move to an Emotiva own integrated preamp and listen it with the MM cartridge and I I want to stay with the LOMC alternative so you can go in this " road " with a better LOMC cartridge.

Never is easy to give and advise because it's only you who have perfectly defined your overall priorities.

Anyway, that's my opinion.

Regards and enjoy the music,