Tube preamp recommendation ...

Hi guys. I am looking for a tube preamp for my new system. At the moment its looking like either plinius or bedini power amp with Shahinian obelisks. I was thinking of trying a tube amp for a change and something that is a little it exotic and has to look nice as well. The souind should be very transaparent, wide, neutral and highly musical possibly with a touch of warmth.
Look into Purity Audio...their pieces are getting a growing amount of attention and fit your description...
CJ and ARC are two very different animals from two opposite ends of the spectrum. The CJ will give you the musical and warmth that you seek, the ARC will give you the transparent and neutral that you seek.
If you are looking for something in between these two polar opposites, you might consider a previously recommended Joule Electra or a VAC Renaissance or Signature preamp.
einstein the tube mk2, you can change all the 8 Philips Jans 6922 and 1 Tesla ECC82 by 8 NOS Mullard CV2493 or Telefunken E88CC, and 1 Telefunken ECC82 for the gain stage. for inputs, you have various options for NOS matched pairs like Philips E188CC 7308 D-getter tubes, NOS Mullard E188CC tubes, NOS Siemens CCa tubes, NOS Telefunken CCa or E288CC tubes. They are all superb and give you the best sound of tubes, an amp which you can keep forever.
Mystere CA-21 preamp. Beautifully engineered. Everything you are looking for and more at a very fair price.