tube preamp/use power from elite reciever??

ok i have a decent tube preamp and i was wondering if there is a way to use the preamp with my pioneer elite 39tx reciever. i only want to do this because it has more wpc than my amp. thanks for any info. kevin
If the receiver has preamp out/ amp in connections it will work fine. Remove the jumper and connect your preamp to the amp in connections and you are good to go. You will have bypassed the preamp in the receiver.

Agree with Wendell; not all receivers have a pre-out amp-in connection (my old NADs did), so check the back. However, I would not necessarily equate more watts with better sound. What are your speakers (are they hard or easy to drive, what is their nominal impedance), and what is the amp you're using instead of the Pioneer? You may not need the extra watts, and depending on the power ratings of the Pioneer into the load presented by your speakers, the difference in WPC might not be as large as you think. It's worth listening to your present amp and the Pioneer into your speakers to see which you like better.
i will check on it. the speakers are psb golds so i hear they are power hungry. my amp is a cheap sonace amp thats rated at i believe 60-80 wpc so i believe its pretty bad. i will have to look for those connections and get back with u guys. much appreciated...kevin