Tube preamp with Adcom amp

I have been wanting to use a tube preamp in my system but never had the chance to try one. I recently purchase an Adcom GFA-5500 with a Rotel RC-995 and to be honest, is sound good but I want to try something different. I am using the Vandersteen 2ci as my speakers. Due to my style of music, I have always been a SS guy. What would recommend for a tube preamp that will work with the 5500?

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Don’t forget about impedance matching when getting a tube pre for a solid state amp. Most preamps will be ok just saying…double check. 

Audio Research LS-25…if you can find it, get it. 

Also Rogue RP1 and RP5 are good options. 

The Music Room ( currently has 4 tube preamps for sale that are within your price range:

1) Audible Illusions = $1392

2/3) Conrad Johnson = $1299 & $1899

4) Modwright = $1551

The Music Room has a "buy it - try it" policy on used gear. If I was in your shoes, the Modwright would be my first choice (FWIW).


Again, thanks for all the recommendations. I am leaning towards the CJ but I have not decided yet. My ideal is to get a warmer sound without losing articulate tight bass.

If looking specifically at the cj ET3 or the PV12L on TMR, I’d bet the PV12 is closer to the classic cj tube sound than the more recent ET3 with remote. That cj sound signature has changed over time.