Tube Replacement Advice

Simple questions for the techies:

If I wanted top-end tubes for my amp what replacements should I look for for the following:


Brand and number would be cool. Just looking to maximize a Manley Stingray.


Try asking the Manley folks. I understand they will take the time to talk to you.
For the EL84, this tube is also 6BQ6 and 7320. Best ever is the Telefunken if you can find them. Then a three way tie with Siemens, Dutch Amperex and Mullard.

For USA 6BQ6, late 1950’s RCA black plates are excellent and likely one third the price of Telefunken's.

The 6414, I have no personal experience with these but have heard that the old Raytheon is a good tube, much better than currently manufactured stocks.

The 12AT-7 is easy, Telefunken. If you cannot find Telefunken, the Amperex 7316 is excellent with great dynamics and (usually) very quiet. Good luck with your tube rolling.
I believe the 7316 is a 12au7 sub NOT a 12at7. The Sylvania Gold Brand 6201 is a great 12at7
William you are correct. I was looking at a zip lock bag of replacement tubes and the 12 AT and 12 AU were together, remnants of my days with Atma-Sphere.

The 7316 is a replacement for the 12 AU and works wonderfully in the older driver circuit of the MA 2.
For EL84, the best but near impossible to find is Lorenz. The second best(s) - Valvo disk getter then Telefunken.