Tube replacement for Peachtree Decco65

Just wondering what my options are if I want to upgrade to a better tube for my Decco65? I found that the unit uses a 6N1P tube. Is this interchangeable with say, a 12AX7? The reason I ask is I have a whole stock-pile of 12AX7s from my previous tube amp. Thanks!
No, as far as I know the closest equivalents to the 6N1P tube would be the 6DJ8 or 6922. The 6922 is what I used to 'upgrade' my original Decco integrated but I can't say that it made much difference in the sound.
Thanks Sfar! Ya I haven't noticed a difference at all between having the tube stage on or off. I figured that maybe playing around with different tubes might make an audible difference but I trust your judgement that it probably won't.
Yeah, I began to think the tube preamp stage was more a marketing gimmick than anything else. That's not a criticism of the Decco, it was a decent integrated and DAC at the price but it's not the platform to hear what tube rolling can do.
Get yourself a nice 70's or 80's NOS 6N1P from Siberian Market on Ebay.

My Grommes PHI-26 uses the 6N1P but i can also use a 6cg7. Not sure if this will work in your Peachtree but if it can an old RCA black plate will really sound good and they are cheap
Hi zbiener, sorry for the delayed response. Haven't been on agon in a while...

No, I haven't tried any different tubes yet. I suspect I'll go with a Sovtek 6N1P w/ high gain option if I ever decide to play around, since it's cheap and the only 6N1P option available from where I typically purchase my tubes. Got my integrated tube amp back in service so I've been neglecting my solid-state(ish) stuff! LOL