Tube tester questions

I want to purchase a tube tester and wanted to know what brand and model tests 211 and 845 tubes (favorite of mine). I am also considering the Hickok family of testers (539, 600, 800) and wanted to know where can I have them checked and calibrated. I am in Canada so a canadian reference would be better but would consider expert in USA also.
No commercial tube tester can test those transmitting tubes. For doing so, I (and everyone else I know who can test these types) set up a custom rig with multiple power supplies for B+, grid, and filament. I also have a curve tracer - a very handy tool - which can go out to 1000v B+, something that is needed for these types.

There were a few (very few!) commercial tube testers built for that sort of tube - the two that come to mind are the Weston 786 (forget trying to find one) which tests @ RF freq., and the set-tester type of units, which only worked in conjunction with an amp that used them, to supply B+, fil., and grid bias. (E.g. the RCA photophone amps and testers.) These are also rare enough to be unobtainium.

So, it's either a custom setup or have someone build one for you if you want to test those types.

For other more normal recieving tube types, The Hickoks are great. I have a 580 and consider it the top of their line (much better than 539 series IMHO, though those are nice, but overrated and overpriced). The others mentioned are good series too, and less $. 752 is worth consideration as well. The military TV-7 line is a good and common one. Best calibrator for the TV-7 is Dan Nelson (search the web for more info on him.) Not sure who the best is for hickoks -there's several folks all highly rated.

have fun,