Tubes or Sand for Totem Arro under 1k?

I'm building an office system around the Arros and need an amp that will make them sing at low volumes. The volume must be kept low as I'm on the phone most of the day in my 12x15 office. I love tubes, but am concerned about heat. How about Audio Analog Puccini? Pathos Classic original?

Your thoughts are appreciated.
I heard the Totem Arro's with a Jolida 302b integrated amp ($900 new) and to this day I'm still haunted by the outstanding sound quality of that system. Amazing imaging and a nice punchy midrange characterize this phenomenal combination.

I've also heard the Arro's with $8000 worth of Macintosh amplification (solid-state), and it didn't come anywhere near what the Jolida 302b achieved for $900.

And yes, the Jolida 302b is a tube integrated amp.

i also use the arro's in my office/den, very nice speakers. other option's for an integrated amp for the arro's would be:
mcintosh 6500, classe cap series (101, 151). any of these amps (imo) have a tube like sound but with the punch of solid state. good luck. let me know what you get and how it sounds.
Michael and Rick, thanks for your responses. The tube amp I am considering is the Jolida 202b--your experience helps with my decision. A Classe int was paired with the Arro in TAS awhile ago in a systems issue. I may check into that more. Rick, how does the Classe sound at very low levels? Again, I truly appreciate your help.

Has anyone tried the Arro with Audio Analogue Puccini of Pathos classic?
as far as the classe integrated amps go, if you would stick to the cap 101 or cap 151, the sound would be very nice at a low volume level. another integrated amp that would be a very good combination with the arro's would be a mcintosh 6500. classe and mcintosh both have a tube like sound compared to other solid state units.
good luck.
I own Arros with 302b and have no complaints or itch to upgrade. My only complaint is Arros lack deep bass but for office and casual listening should suffice. This is a good combo and I would recommend you save your money for a good CDP.
I just picked up some Arros. Has anyone experimented with mass loading? sand or lead shot, amount?

Douglikesaudio, I have arros paired with a Cayin TA30, and the sound is excellent!

Rrekstad, I haven't experimented with mass loading, but in conversations with Vince, he stated that while mass loading benefits the bass response, it comes at the sacrafice of soundstage. Kind of left me without the desire to experiment...
Haven't tried mass loading for the same reason as Jh2os. I like the soundstage wide and the sound lively. Seems a light but rigid cabinet does these things well!

As for my amp, I ended up with an ASL Orchid. 3.5 watts of low volume musical bliss.