Tuner for Jolida 502B

Just got a Jolida int amp and will need a tuner to match. Currently running Vandersteen 1c's. Any recommendations?
I have the Jolida tuner, along with a 302B amp, and after swapping the Chinese tubes for Tung-Sol 12AX7s, the sound improved markedly. The driver tubes by the way are EH 12AT7s, yes this unit has four tubes. I left those in there.

Balanced, smooth sound and extension, great sensitivity, selectivity. All in all a great bargain and it meets your criteria for a match.
i've got a couple tuners attached to my 502A - a Technics ST-8077 (solid-state analog tuner) & a Sansui TU-D99X (digital tuner). Both sound very nice thru the 502A. The Sansui is more sensitive than the Technics by 10-20%. Am using an indoor rabbit ears antenna.
If you can find an Accuphase T-100 you will experiance FM nirvana. It is not digital so you will have to spin the knob to change stations but when you get locked onto a good station (do these exist any more?) you will be very happy.

Good luck!
There are quite a few choices from which to choice! Remote or not remote. Analog/Digital. How many presets? You'll have to decide which are the most important to you. You don't need to spend alot. I personally would want one that has least 8 prests buttons. A remote is nice but what will end up you'll be channel surfing and not really enjoying the music. I have an older Sony JX-5 which is wonderful and meets my needs. Paid about $35!!! Another great tuner if you can find one is the Marantz ST-55. (Also pd. about the same.) Made in Portugal. Non-remote but this tuner sounds wondererful as well. Sansui TU-'s, Sony's, Marantz's, Kenwoods,...I would buy an older model and save your $ for more upgrades to other aspects of your system.