Tuning Subs on GenVs -- Help, Anyone?

I have a pair of GEN-Vs (with active subs powered by separate amp) and am having trouble tuning. The amp allows you to set the subwoofer cut-off frequency (up to 120Hz) as well as, subwoofer (relative) volume, and phase (the GEN Vs fire front & back, phase invert).
Anyone out there with sub-woofer -> speaker tuning experience? My main power amp is a Symphonic LIne RG7.
When I personally owned the Gen. V's these were the settings that worked in my listening area, at least this may be a start as beginning can be frustrating, however, once tuned, absolutely beautiful music. My "Phase" was set @ "45", the "Low Pass" set @ "98", and the "High Pass" set @ "30". Also, moving speakers from back to front helps with control of the bass. I had them 6' apart from center to center of speaker which created pin point imaging. The mid range setting I found to be between "1" (fuller sounding) and "2" (leaner sounding), try what works best for you. The tweeter setting dial was set @ approx. "11:45", hope this helps, Enjoy!
Sounds like a resonance problem associated with the speaker enclosure itself. I prefer an extremely low x-over point relying on the main speakers to roll of naturally and the sub comming up to meet that roll off.

All loudspeakers have one massive problem. They (themselves) are a resonance nightmare. First the amplifier moves (or rather modulates) the drivers, each one to its own set of frequincies. The drivers then modualte the speaker cabinets. The cabinets, in turn re-modulate the drivers and the process begins all over again. All this resonance (i/e Coulomb's Friction)deprives the drivers from firing acurately and the cabinets to sound to the best of their ability.

It is now my belief that if you effectively remove this 'friction'from the loudspeaker, the performance value of the device will at the very least double in musical quality thus permitting you the luxury of tuning the system's acoustical properties to match that of what you beleive is your best sonic performance associated with your own set of ears.

I have been using a product called Audio Points for years with proven success. You won't believe the sound quality you already own until the Friction is removed. I'm not only referring to speakers, but the rest of the components in all systems vibrate like crazy too.

In the case of the Audio Point, they rely on a conductive brass material designed into a cone (although their cones look completely different than most) which sends this detrimental resonance to earth's ground. Makes complete logical sense - eh?

You will not believe it is the same loudspeaker or sub for that matter.

I have recently tried another one of their products called the Sistrum Platforms. WOW! I am telling you that they have opened the door to a whole new concept in listening.

Call or write them (www.audiopoints.com). They have soloutions and knowledge worth the time spent to investigate your problem. Their money back guarentee's are cool too. Have you ever heard of a company that will freight the merchandise back if you are not completely satisfied. This stuff 'flat' out works.

Good luck with your situation.