Turntable digital signal converter

I keep seeing these cheap turntables sold in non-'phile catalogs for making CDs from LPs. There are simple converters to use with your existing turntable, but I do not know where to go.
Also look into Roland (also sold as Cakewalk and Edirol). I have a Cakewalk UG-1a (or something like that) that cost about $100. I connect it to the tape outs of my integrated amp and to my computer via USB. Very simple and effective while not breaking the bank. I bought it to digitize vinyl that I don't have a CD version of, so I can listen in the car and my iPod. It doesn't compete with my turntable (what does?), but it sounds quite good on my Rega Apollo.

Maybe a higher end one in their line up would sound better? Not sure if more money would get better sound or more useless features.