Turntable issue

Hoping to draw from the collective knowledge of Audiogon... I bought a Pro-Ject RPM10 and before it shipped to me it was working fine. When I received it, the platter drags on the bottom. This turntable has a "magnetic lift" to reduce the weight of the platter on the bearings. This doesn't seem to work (demagnetized?). Anyone seen anything like this before and can it be fixed?

I've been trying to contact Sumiko in US, but can't get them to reply
My suggestion which I'm guessing you've already done is to check your horizontal levels.Is the platter perfectly level?
to examine the negative,

how do you personally know for sure it was working fine before shipping?

if fine there, but not now here, it was received 'damaged', the selller/shipper is responsible.

Is there a return/refund period?  I would be very firm, in writing, to seller about the fact that it was received damaged, and if not quickly solved a full refund will be needed,

shipping insurance? insurance purchased by whom? if it comes to that, it is best to return to seller, let seller give you a full refund, let seller deal with shipping insurance, very often un-successful.

best of luck,

sometimes we let keeping a supposedly 'great deal' influence our decisions, what would you do if it was new, or full price?

I've got the maglev in my sota.  If the table is totally level, the platter will spin dead silent and freely with the belt off.  These are very precise installations and any deviations will ruin this.  My platter actually floats and has a bit of spring when pushed down.
If you are getting any dragging or grinding sound I would first check for dirt and make sure the spindle is lubed.  My platter did have the tiniest bit of noise when I first got it.  A friend who is an engineer suggested cleaning the spindle and bearing, re-lubing and running for a couple hours.  The noise went away and never came back.  The factory hadn't put this through a break-in period before shipping.
@elliottbnewcombjr; I can't of course know for sure, but the seller did send me a video of the turntable playing and it seemed to work fine. The seller has been more than accommodating and I have no concern that he would take it back if it's not repairable (which he has offered to pay for).
I brought it to my local store and they are taking a look at it during the week. At first glance, it seems like the bearing spindle has been pushed down, which would account for the lack of clearance under stand platter, causing the drag.

I'll post a followup as soon as I get confirmation from the technician.