Turntable repair in the CT, NYC, NJ, Philly area?

Hi there. I have a Sony PS-X5 turntable that's seems to be in very good shape. The problem is that it's a fussy automatic, and it won't play a record. It picks up the tonearm, then automatically puts it right back on the tonearm rest and shuts off the 'table. Common problem with this model, I hear.

This thing looks like a real beast, though. I downloaded the service manual and honestly, it's beyond me. Does anyone know of a good repair person who is familiar with turntables, and willing to work on one of these crazy Sony auto-monsters? It does look like a very high quality piece.
Repair of units like the X5 are not cost effective. First no one will look at it for less then $100, and that assumes you deliver it to their door. Since units like the X5 have no parts available, you are left with salvaging from other units, and generally the defective part is such in all units. Best to move on. Might try the repair shop that recently did a repair on your VCR. But I digress. Crazy Sony auto-monsters should not be fed by any repair shop.