Turntable Setup Help; Phillips 777

http://imgur.com/a/p8JBy < Here are the images (Imgur)
Phillips 777 Turntable
There are my images I took. It's a Stanton 680EE Cartridge.


I was wondering, if everything was setup properly? I could not for the life of me find proper tracking force for this cartridge.. and I have no idea what the "Spherical/Elliptical/CD4" Knob is. I would assume Anti-Skate? I set it to what the tracking force is (On the Ellipt side/Top) was this right?

The picture of the tonearm (At bottom), was taken when it was playing. (Adjust the weight of the tonearm using knob in back, and that "Tracking force meter" is what changes. So it has a built in scale. When the tonearm is placed in it's holder, there is a little button that presses, and determines weight.


I honestly wasn't sure exact setup specs. That's why I am coming here, I want to make sure everything is looking good, before I damage any records or anything. And yes I'm aware the stylus is a teeny bit dusty and so is the brush.

I was looking into upgrading to a Shure M97xE as I don't have much money. (No more than $100). And that just meets my budget. Any opinions?


I am a newbie to this forum, so if there are any issues please let me know, I was reccomended here by an aquantince.
Hi - You have a Stanton cartridge, which is a very good one.  That brush on the front aids in cleaning and tracking.  What you need to do however is to increase the tracking weight of the cartridge by 1 gram because the brush pushes back at 1 gram which you have to acomodate for. You have an eliptical stylus.  I'm not sure at all by replacing that cartridge with a Sure would be a step up.  If your cartridge is long in the tooth, I'd replace the stylus....here's a link   http://www.lpgear.com/product/STNSTH680EE.html       It tracks at 1.25 grms...therefore, because of the brush, track it at 2.25 grams.  If you wish, you can remove the brush by sliding out the stylus, and removing the brush....personally, I wouldn.t Enjoy!!
So basically up it from my 1.3 to 2.3. Wouldn't this dig into the record?

And I assume I set the antiskate to 2.3 aswell? or 1.3?

What do you mean by long in tooth?

Link doesn't work btw.

The "spherical/elliptical/cd4 has two scales on it.   Use the elliptical scale on top to set your force, since you have an elliptical stylus.  Hope this helps.
Use the elliptical scale on top to set your force"

Seeing I can't actually switch between them with any toggles, I just line it up with the arrow?

But how does the TT know to use the Elliptical and not the Spherical seeing there is no toggle?