Turntable Upgrade Advice

Hello all!

I am considering upgrading my Clearaudio Concept TT in the near future to something a little more substantial. I have a short list at the moment, so was wondering if anyone has any insight into these and whether or not they would be an upgrade worth the investment. 

1. Michell Gyrodec SE with Technoarm 2 ($5445)
2. Transrotor Darkstar with RB-330 ($5635)
3. Transrotor ZET 1 with RB-330 ($6365)
4. Nottingham Hyperspace with Ace-Space arm ($6590)

The Nottingham and ZET 1 are 'stretch' possibilities that are technically a little above my budget.

Mostly listen to Jazz on vinyl, but do play a variety of genres occasionally, if that makes any difference. 


Origin Live has a reputation for less than stellar customer service. I would stick with the Michell. Also, buying used turntables is risky. Main bearings are easy to damage. I would only buy used if I knew the owner.  

@mmcgill829 I’m not familiar with the TT’s that you listed. I recommend you look at the Oracle Delphi MK VI. Wonderful TT. I enjoy my MK VI as much if not more than my ClearAudio Master Solution TT.

Joe Nies

@mijostyn is spot on. Not only that but the Gyrodec can be upgraded with an Orbe platter. Bit of a forgotten deck - remember the Orbe cost the same as the SME 20 when first released. Not on ur list - Funk Firm Saffire is a superb deck. Don’t be scared of ‘vintage’. Linn Sondeks are readily available and are easy to upgrade for instance

I just picked up a Project Xtension 12 Evolution for $4,100.00 store demo with full factory warranty that price was with tax out the door. great table with a 12" carbon fiber tonearm, or you could look into a SOTA Sapphire for about the same price but you would have to get your own tonearm.

How about a refurbished Sota Sapphire with Origin Live tonearm? And Umami Red cart.