Turntables: $10 - 12K -Suggestions

I'm considering purchase of a 'table (incl. pickup arm and cartridge) in the above price range. I'm fully aware that ultimate choice will depend on sound preferences, system synergy, etc. However, other considerations include reliability, after-sales service, ease of installation, etc. 'Tables I've considered have been mainly British (SME-20, Simon Yorke, Linn). However, I'm not alt all familiar with many of the American pieces and would greatly welcome your expert advice. Thanks!
basis makes phenominally well-constructed and sounding tt. moreover, their designer and company owner, a.j. conti, stands behind his products with impeccable service and personal attention. the basis tolerances are superior to any of the tt you mentioned. in your price range, i'd highly recommend the debut, mated with a graham 2.0 arm. unless you're a dyed-in-the wool anglophile, you owe it to yourself to give the basis tables a listen. next to even the lower-end models from basis, the linn's and sme's are simply old-fashioned sounding. you can get more info @ www.musicalsurrounding.com. BTW, i have no connections to any of the companies i've mentioned; i have been in the highend hobby, tho, for about 25 years.
I have a Basis 1400 with a Rega RB 300 arm and all I can tell you is it is one great turntable. You also get 100% trade-in on a more expensive model down the road. IMHO this table is much better that the British tables mentioned. This table is so good I have seen people put a Graham 2.0 arm on it. That's pretty amazing considering that the table with the Rega RB 300 arm only costs $ 1400 and the Graham 2.0 is around $2000. Give it a try you won't be sorry. Best-Gary
Go to www.high-endaudio.com Go to the audio critique section then to recomended components.Arthur is very well versed on the subject.
Simon Yorke S7. I have not heard any turntable that enlarges the intelligence of the listener more than this one.
Thanks so much for all the useful advice! My next step is to set out and audition the suggestions above. It is always most instructive to get a general "lie of the land" from knowledgeable folk as I think that this enables one to narrow down a vast array. I'm pretty set on the Graham 2.0 as I've heard it on a cheaper tt; also, there is a unanimity of opinion that this is a sterling arm(for its price).
Marlec, I know you are a music lover from your excellent thread regarding "achingly beautiful music" here on Audiogon. I have owned many arms including the SME IV, ET2, VPI/JMW, Graham 2.0, and now most recently, the Wheaton Triplanar V. Though the Triplanar takes more TLC than the Graham, it is the most musical and enjoyable arm I've used. Have a listen if you're able, though you can hardly go wrong with the Graham.
Marlec and Khrys I am also in the market to upgrade my current SOTA Sapphire turntable. Haven't yet decided if I am going with a better table, maybe the Cosmos or Millenium, or just overhauling mine in the interim until I can listen first hand to the others. What are your opinions on that matter? Marlec your remarks about the Graham on a cheaper tt (mine) especially caught my attention. I have heard that arm on a much better (more expensive)table. What do you think about refurbishing and going with a Graham?
1. Thanks alot Khyrys for the compliment. Also, for your useful tt suggestions. As I mentioned above, it will take me quite awhile (approx. 6 months) before I am satisfied that I have listened to all the tt, arms and cartridges before making a comfortable decision. The main issue is that of getting to other cities and finding stores that have decent gear and are willing to indulge me for 6-12 hours at a time in order to put the gear through its paces. 2. Tubegroover, I will immediately admit that I have no idea what jump in improvement the Graham will make to your system. It is almost 2 years since I heard the G 2.0 on one of the cheaper Basis models (I forget which one) and was astounded at the difference. Those were in my ignorant days when I thought that expensive pickup arms were merely gimmicks. Fortunately, I'm a little wiser now. Many years ago I owned an LP12 with an Ittok arm and loved it. However, it was stolen in a house-robbery together with over 200 records. Since then I have suffered from an illness known as severe vinyl depivation, despite having amassed over 4000 classical and jazz CDs in the interim (which I will admit is another form of lunacy). Even though I have a state of the art front-end dCS upsampler and DA converter, it pales in comparison to a good vinyl set-up. Anyway, I continue to fantasize about returning to vinyl.
Tubegroover, refurbish your Sapphire and put the Graham on it. That combination is very musical; and you can transfer the Graham to any future SOTA knowing that it will mate well. An alternative would be a used SME V, another great synergistic match with the Sapphire. I would seriously listen to the competition before springing for a Cosmos or Millennium however.
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save your money and buy a canadian 'table - the oracle mkv. great sound, great aesthetics. fully loaded, w/a nice arm & cartridge, yule still have several thousand leftover - unless,of course, ya get a clearaudio insider cartridge, or something like that! ;~)