Looking for some feed back on 2 turntables I'm looking to purchase.


2, VPI SCOUT 1.1

I know that theres about a $500.00 difference In price and the REGA comes with a power supply with build-in speed changer. Also on either turntable I was thinking about putting an ortofon 2m black cartridge. any feed back would be appreciated or other recommendations also (budget $2,000.00 $2,800.00.) I using a Mcintosh MHT200 as my power supply a bellari VP130mm phono stage and kef XQ surround speakers with a 12" sunfire sub.....thanks in advance for your feedback....trussman

Why pay for 'brands', when you can get a great player at a reasonable cost.  Which one is that?  Go to UTurnAudio. com, take a look.  Hey, if you buy and your not satisfied they will make a return easy. 
+1 yogiboy!  A great table in that range.  Plenty of choices here on A'goN, plus straight from the source and other retailers.  Totally upgradeable if you want to go that way, and will do just about everything, IMO.

Good luck and happy listening!

For your system the REGA RP6 would be awesome, but only with the EXACT cartridge. IMO. You don't need to spend $800 on a Ortofon when the Exact $600 will give you awesome, dynamic, lively sound. That REGA combo is a very satisfying setup.


Matt M 

I have both in different systems. I've juggled them between the two and actually love them both. I've added a GrooveTracer sub Platter to the RP-6. Turned it into a much better table. Made the biggest, most obvious and immeadiate improvement of any mod I've ever made. Bass now super clean, presence and sound stage are amazing. Started out with the Exact cart. No major complaints until I bought a Dynavector 10x5 with Soundsmith Ruby retip on Audiogon. Combo is fantastic. No mods on the Scout. Running a Soundsmith VPI Zephyr and Soundsmith pre. Love it too, but waiting for my new VPI Prime to arrive.

Heard the Rega 3 and have seen the Rega 6 in the flesh. The 3 sounded good. I could never wrap my head around spending that kind of money on that type of build quality. I know others disagree but I am not the only one. I don't think you will go wrong sound wise either way.

I have heard the VPI Scout, Classis, Prime and Aires.

If I were you I would skip over the scout and buy a used Classic or Prime. I think it will save you money as
it will eliminate the desire to upgrade for a long time and possibly forever.

Both can be had for under you max amount if you are aggressive