Turntables less than $1000 Recommendations ?

I am ready to rediscover my LPs which have been sleeping since my Dual turntable gave up spinning years ago. I do not want to spend too much on a turntable package. I'd appreciate your opinion on this.
Clearaudio Emotions have been available new with arm and cartridge for 1000. I just bought one and love it so far, I'm even thinking of selling and moving up their product line. Good luck
In the $1000 level, you will have no problem finding a top notch combination, my only recomendation is, if you can buy the turntable localy, don't ship. In my shop in Seattle we have many customers, who bought expensive turntables on E-bay & Audiogon, and they ended up spending another $100-400 to have the turntable set up and adjusted, most of the customers needed help mounting the tone arms and the tracking adjustments. Many of the Linn tables had to have the suspetion adjusted. So if you have a local dealer to keep the turntable setup adjustments it really helps.
Ther are many chioce in the used catagory and most of them will be real winners:

Look into Rega, Sota, MMF, Clear Audio, VPI and Well Tempered.

Any table from these manufactures will give you great sound, although each does it in a slightly differant way. If you happen to run across a Well Tempered Record Player or Classic I would grab it. I think they sound swell and are a great value when coupled with the right cartridge. I happen to like mine with a Benz Glider but many enjoy theirs with a Grado woody.
harmon kardon t60c for sale right now...excellent table...suspension, auto lift at end of record, nice arm, record clamp stock, original box...I had one and sold it to a friend who is not an audiophile..he adores the thing..

sansui sr838 is also a good table with a good arm....rare.
Nottingham Analogue Studio's Horizon.

It's a bit over a grand, and that doesn't count the cart., but it's a truly wonderful 'table.

Good luck!