question about these turntables

Any chance anyone members have any experience with turntable maker Rek O Kut?
Website is

If so I would like to hear your thoughts.
My father had one in the 60s. It looks like a specialist's shop. I did note that they are trying to reach the audiophile market, I haven't heard one play but think the site is a really cool resource. Do you like 78s?
I am tempted to buy one of their less expensive tables myself.
Rek O Kut is a famous name from the early days of hifi. They were ruggedly built and found in a number of radio stations back in the day. Another competitor was Weathers. My first "serious" turntable was a Weathers. Both companies favored idler wheel drive. Both companies faded from view in the late 1960s if memory serves.
I have some from my parents and I want to get back into playing my albums. I saw a few of these on ebay and the price was not bad at all.
I like the vpi lineup but I don't know which table is better than the other for a 3k or less price point.
I'm glad you asked this question about Rekokut, as I asked the same question a year or so ago, also included a querry about the current Merril AR replica turntable at about the same price as the Rekocut .I got only a few vague respones, as you did, going back to the Rekokuts made in the 60's, rather than current models. This led me to believe almost nobody knows much about the above turntables.
I like the looks of all their tables, specs and prices look very reasonable as well.
I found a few reviews that seemed favorable and the wife also seems to like it as well; so the wife acceptance factor is also a positive.
I had a RekoKut 2 speed belt drive with a Grado Lab tonearm attached....either an ADC II or Sonus Blue cartridge. In those days I just changed equipment like women (those days are gone)... I remember the sound was reason to have changed. (Think I'll keep my wife, even though there are lots of annoying issues)
This is the go-to brand for 78 rpm playback. It is more than adequate for 33.3 and 45, but everything about it is optimized for 78 rpm. I use one for that, and I'm very happy with it.