TV size for Sonos arc

Is 85" too large for Sonos arc imaging?  In pursuit of decluttering I'd like to replace my surround setup (Bryston SP3, 2 NAD stereo amps, and 4 LS50s) with a Sonos arc, leaving only a single rack of Ayre gear and KEF Reference 1s for stereo.  An Ayre stereo amp and 2 JC 1 monoblocks sit on the floor about 2' from the wall on which the Sony TV is mounted.  Would they interfere with Sonos imaging?  I hope to sell the JC 1s as part of decluttering.

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It seems to me that if you are going to a fancy soundbar, you have already compromised your sourround sound, so I would just make sure that the 85” TV is the best OLED out there.  For me, the larger size and great black levels make the movie experience much better than lacking either size, or great black levels.

You should be fine with 85” TV with ARC Bar. I am using one with a 78” TV.  Please ensure atleast 4” vertical gap with TV and Sonos bar. 

@lalitk 4" from top of ARC to bottom of TV?  I am setting this up for my daughter!

TV will be wall mounted, not sure of sound bar.  And question, is Subwoofer only wireless with Sonus?  no wired connection from ARC soundbar to an older non Sonus sub?  Please tell all!


Correct! 4” from top of ARC bar to bottom edge of TV. I am still using SONOS Sub Version 1 (10 years old) with new ARC bar wirelessly. As I recall, the latest version 2 subs adds the flexibility of two subs 😊

To my knowledge, you can only use SONOS sub wirelessly with ARC.

A small rack with stacked NAD Class D amps and the Bryston SP3 on top could be very tidy and the LS50s are wired through the walls, so perhaps the Sonos could supplement rather than replace my surround setup.  I have some orchestral Blu-rays that sound superb in surround.  HDMI from the Ayre disc player goes to the SP3 that sends front LR through the Ayre by-pass.