Tweaking and Moding my Nad AMP

Hi guys. First post. K I have a Nad 2150 power amp, 50+50 for those interested. Anyway its early to mid 80s. I want to tweak it a bit. Heres what I already have planned. Replace the inputs with Gold rca's. Replace the outputs with gold binding posts(currently spring clips) That shouldn't be too hard and will give me better connections. I also want to put a pass through for going to my Sub as my pre amp doesn't have a sub out. Can someone recommend how I should wire that? I was just going to split the input bettween the input to the internals and to a set of rca's going out. Also I was going to clean the power and speaker select switches with contact cleaner. Oh yeah a new gold Head phone plug too. hehe Some of the more far out stuff I was thinking was. Replace all the wires that come from the board > to speaker switches > to binding posts with new stuff. And better stuff. Sound like a good idea? Same with all the input wires but i was thinking of using that sheilded stuff 2 inside conductors with a grounded sheild. I figured that could only be better then unsheilded. Sound good? If not why? Then if I really felt like going crazy I was thinking of maybe changing some componets with higher quality stuff. I was mostly thinking Caps. The power supply caps and main caps. Can you put in slightly larger ones? BTW. I know my way around electronics and Soldering irons. So thats not a problem. Also I'm underemployed so don't tell me to buy another amp. I'm not expecting a huge difference in sound. Its more for the fun of a little project. Not that I can see any of this screwing the amp up.(besides modeing the caps) Its still not a huge deal if I do. It was under 200 Canadian when I bought it a couple years ago. I'm quite happy with it. I just figure it needs some TLC and i'm bored. Thanks for any help. Maybe there is a Moding forum or Mailing list you guys know about?
If your intent on tweaking I would go to this is a site put up by the master tweaker himself Rick Schultz of EVS ( Electronic Visionary Systems ). Personally I would take the NAD into your backyard and just shoot it. There is so much great audio equiptment on the used market today, you would probally do really well in investing in a amp preamp combo. Best of luck...