Twilight Singers "Dynamite Steps"

Out and blasting. Close the door, dim the light, turn that stuff up and get your groove on. No one brings back my twenty something male angst like Mr. Dulli ... even after near 4 decades. I enjoyed The Guttertwins records but this album is the real deal. "Waves" could have easily been a cut from "Black Love" or "1965", full of Whigs swag. Love this band and love this album.

If you have a chance to see
I'm looking forward to picking this up. Dulli is a great writer. And, always a great live proposition.
Spiritualized....Figured you'd be interested in this one and will likely be at the LA show if I remember right. They just did a free show at a record shop out there. I will be at the NYC show 5/13 which should be interesting. Great record. The song "Never Seen No Devil" is a classic already for me and I also love the duet with Ani D "Blackbird and the Fox". I think those are as good as anything Dulli has ever done.

On another subject, you are responsible for me becoming a huge Joesph Arthur fan. Many thanks! I have gotten much warmer to J. Spaceman too and own several now. I tend to be drawn to the more cohesive stuff than space jams but do get drawn in be him.
Hi Richard, I'm going to try and be at the LA show. I missed the in-store at Amoeba due to a work commitment.

Good to hear that you're a card carrying Joseph fan now. It's always a pleasure to turn someone onto new music.
Regarding Spiritualized: I think when you experience them live, it'll grab you much more than the studio recordings.
Got to love Greg's music. I still give "Gentlemen" a spin now and again.

I'm also going to try to go to the LA show.
This is already my album of the year. I bought tickets for the show at Southgate House in Newport, KY the minute they went on sale. What a great record.

I'm so thankful there are others on this site that dig the Afghan Whigs and Dulli stuff.