Two box preamps: Cary SLP05 vs. Modwright 36.5

I am wondering if anyone has been lucky enough to compare these two preamps. I am looking to switch to a balanced preamp to take full advantage of my Platinum Modwright Transporter. Just based on specs, I like the Cary better due to its Headphone output, but that's not really a limiting factor.
Thanks for any opinons or insights.
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I own the slp-05 and prefer it to the one box MW 36.5, which I have heard on a number of occasions. I run a MW TP into it as well (although not a Platinum version). The CAry has a more lush sound, which I really enjoy. A little more of a classic tube sound than the MW, but not suoer tubey/colored.I have not, however, heard the two box MW. I am certain either will be great.
Agree with Shredder. Had both pre-amps in my home system. The SLP-05 was far more musical. The Modwright was lean - too lean.
I own a SLP-05 and have been looking at the Dodd Audio Battery Pre. Anyone?
Deutsch-how does the Platinum MW TP compare to the non-Platinum MW TP? I have been considering the upgrade.