Two Cables From One?

So I can only find Shunyata v14 in a 6 ft lengths. I’m guessing they do that to simplify and reduce cost. Anyways, I don’t need anything longer than 3ft and find it less than ideal to have to deal with extra length especially in thicker cables. I really like power cables to be close to the exact length needed. I realized why not cut one in half and buy a couple connectors and then two for the price of one pretty much.

I wanted to ask and make sure that I’m not overlooking some sort of issue. Also Looking for suggestions on what connectors to use. I understand that the voicing of the cable will likely change slightly from using different connectors, but it seems worth the risk to me. I don’t plan to cut off and replace the factory connections. I know they’ll look a little Frankenstein but I’m not worried about that since I’ll never see them. Budget would be about 50$ for a pair of connectors. I don’t think it makes sense to spend more really. Also I would think that the quality at that price point should be similar to what the factory is using. Looking around I didn’t come up with much. Wattgate is the one I keep coming across with a few options in my budget. Also Parts Connexion has there house brand that at least look more impressive for 60$ a pair.

I wouldn’t think I’m the first person to have this idea, and look forward to all your responses.
6ft is ideal for sound quality re-terminating yourself is not ideal. Good luck.
The V14 looks to have a spiraled geometry so whatever wire(s) form that spiral they would have to be unwound and the cable clamp would have to be secure enough to prevent the spiral from unwinding further during use.

You would have to ensure you maintain the polarity correctly when you attach the respective Mains/IEC plugs to each of the cut ends
  • to establish which wire connects to which pins you can use a meter to test continuity between the wires and the pins on the cable with the molded mains plug

Also, I have built several power cables and I am yet to find a cable mount "polarized IEC C7 Connector".
  • So I simply use the figure "8" version and mark the side that should have the square molding.
NOTE: if a component uses a polarized socket there is a reason for it and polarity within a cable should be maintained.

Regards - Steve

Thanks for thoughtful reply. You clearly have a good amount of experience with cables.  Far as the spiral geometry, I’m not fully understanding what your saying. I was under the impression that the jacket would hold the spiral?  Also when you say cable clamp are you referring to the one integrated into the plug? 
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I was under the impression that the jacket would hold the spiral?
Depends how you handle the cables when unplugging and whether the cable clamp (i.e. integrated into the plug) is holding onto the sleeve securely.

Some audiophiles can be a bit "ham-fisted" and even though they know NOT to pull on the actual cable they do so anyway  and the cable could unravel.

The cable as finished by the manufacturer will not unravel because of the molded plugs at both ends.

Also - the cable clamps on the available plugs vary widely and so does their ability to clamp a cable successfully

I like the Silver plated copper line of Sonarquest plugs (Ebay) - the IEC plugs grip like a vice.

Regards - Steve

I hate to discourage DYI projects because good cables can be made by hand. However, I have to agree with the general sentiment here - I would not modify an existing cable product in this manner, and the length may be an important variable in why this power cable sounds good. 
Modifying the cable could compromise the resale value. I would suggest reaching out to the manufacturer and inquire as to whether they would provide this service for you.
I think your best bet is to start from scratch with an all DIY cable building project.  There are plenty of sources for materials and construction methods out there.  Once you've created your perfect length set, no one can tell you it isn't great because it will be unique.  Have fun!
So I found a couple Shunyata Venoms for a solid price and purchased. I decided to give Shunyata a call and see if they could cut them down and re-terminate them for me.  They said they could but it really doesn’t make sense due to cost. There cost is 125 per connector. So 500 to cut the two cables in half and make them into 4. Anyways he then told me that, although he shouldn’t recommend doing it myself, I should do just that. He explained of all the cables they make that the Venom would be the easiest to re-terminate. He told me what to do with the foil shield, and what plugs he would use as well. He then made sure I knew if I needed any help with the process to reach out. Maybe the best customer service I’ve ever received. I will surely be buying more of there products in the future.