two great tunes

stuck behind a long train this weekend, i chanced to hear (and recommend herewith) two fantastic tunes. first up was "gravity's gone", by the drive by truckers, a band who i've generaly respected more than loved. insanely catchy, funny and one of the clearest-headed set of lyrics i've heard ("she woke up sunny side up/and i'm still thinkin i was too proud to flip her over"). second was "love, peace and happiness" by the chambers brothers, a mindblowing 16 minute soul epic from 1969 which i'd actually never heard before. too cool for school. great drummer. buy it anon.
sadly, my musical bliss was interrupted by the next selection, "rainmaker" by traffic. decent enough song, but punctuated by one of the worst guitar solos ever reduced to vinyl. i assume the perpetrator was stevie winwood, a greart singer and pianist, but guiitar was clearly not his optimal medium.
enjoy your sunday, y'all.