Great song to test bass

Try this song 
"BASS Drops" by Nenad Vasilic from album Bass Room.
Great for testing bass and imaging
Actual Gavrilo's principles is good too
I rediscovered Mila Drumke, (heard her live when she was a teenager) she has an album of standards, the whole album is terrific,

her version of My Funny Valentine is just her and a bass player. Not the most bass, but the tonality explored is DELIGHTFUL!

It’s a perfect example of "It’s not how many notes you play, it’s the notes you play".
Nice sound thanks for the link.
I also listen to artist Brian Bomberg album titled "My  Bass" some really nice string work there.
Keep the suggestions coming .Great way to discover new arists/ music
Eeg – Fonnesbæk
Sinne Eeg

I'm listening to it now and I can't pick a song that stands out they are all keepers.

For Electric Bass  Erykah Badu – Rimshot

"Temptation" Diana Krall    

"Ballad of the Runaway Horse" Jennifer Warnes    

"YYZ" Rush    

"Sultans of Swing" Dire Straits    

"Diamonds in the Soles of Her Shoes" Paul Simon    

"Anne Boleyn" Rick Wakemen    

"Roundabout" Yes
Dance of the Knights from Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet. Especially the LSO recording under Gergiev.
Skream - Filth
Skream - Blipstream
Caspa - Sedated

Pretty much anything by Skream, Benga, Coki, Mala, Caspa, or Kromestar. 
For deep bass in normal music and good songs:
Celine Dion "I Don't Know"
Flight of the Cosmic Hippo
Celtic Women "May it Be" and "Fields of Gold"

For slamming turn it up bass:
Moana soundtrack "We Know the Way"  seriously crank this up
It's so cool to me that others know about "Flight of the Cosmic Hippo".

I would also recommend "Cousin John" by Marcus Miller. 
Pretty good test for lows but even more so the speed and dynamics. 
Night Moves by Gregg Allman on his best album.

I used to haul around The Last Record Album for the track One Love Stand. I bought 2 pairs of speakers with it. 

an album by Chris Thile and Edgar Meyer named Bass & Mandolin has lots of deep double bass.
"Love", the fourth track from the 1971 Pharaoh Sanders album Thembi.  5 minutes of brilliant  stand-up bass playing by Cecil McBee. The engineer of this recording got everything right.  Sounds like you are inside the bass. You can feel the wood of the instrument vibrate. My go-to for testing bass and imaging.
thats really funny - I just wanted to recommend the same album as ecpninja did: 
"bassroom" von Nenad Vasilic!
I love his music and he is extremely demanding in sound- and recording-technology.
this one is incredibly well recorded! 
my favourites are track 3, 5, 7, 10, 11 and 12 :-)

Donald Fagan Tomorrow's Girls

Bryan Ferry Chosen One

Grace Jones  imaging is incredible as well

The Fenlands Paul Reido. Room filling pipe organ.  Reference Recordings

Mandelorian Theme

Blade Runner 2049. Theme

Jim Smith book I'm reading (Get Better Sound) cautions against setting up the bass with too much of a focus on bass. There's a danger of not attending sufficiently to soundstage and voice. His book is better on this, but here's a bit of his thinking:
Boomer favorites:
Little Feat; 'Long Distance Love', Last Record Album
Hendrix: 'Hey Baby', Rainbow Bridge
Mahavishnu Orch: 'Vision is a Naked Sword', Apocalypse
Loggins and Messina; 'Pathway to Glory', Full Sail
Stravinsky; 'Le Sacre du Printemps' Valery Gergiev cond., Kirov Ballet Orch.
Band: Newmusic
Album : Churches

How low can you go with out physically vibrating…🇦🇺
Thanks for all the great suggestions I am discovering great new music
Really love the Nend Vasilic sound on album Bass Room.
Also I don't listen to EDM  music that much but I am really impressed by the integration of percussion and horns used in Yello's "Live in Berlin"video/album on you tube (video) album on Tidal.
My test for bass is not necessarily about bass quantity but more 'presentation'.

The intro to the Logical Song by Supertramp has a low-tuned tom roll as the drums come into the mix. It tends to be just low enough in pitch and volume that it can become subtle with certain speakers. It's as if one of the speakers has its polarity reversed. Adding a subwoofer didn't help because the bass on toms is higher up in the lower frequency band. Getting that to fill in meant overcompensating with the subwoofer which ruined the mix.

The whole track has excellent bass with my previous 88db speakers but that initial tom roll was if it was recorded in another room. My new 93db speakers also has  great bass throughout the track but captured the tom roll with great detail and presence. It was a revelation.

Tip Trap, Marcus Miller, Bass Guitar jazz

Jazz Variants, O-zone Percussion Group, Percussion Jazz

Take Dake, Japanese Roots, Japanese Drums Music

Trip trap by Marcus Miller great track thanks for the suggestion I have added to must play list

Not a really great Tube vid but check out Henrik Linder’s work. @ about 1:50 He’s a beast.  Yes, that's a Gaga cover.....


"A Child Is Coming" - Blows Against the Empire - Paul Kantner/Grace Slick/"Jefferson Starship" (really, The Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra, or PERRO) - at about 1:27, Jack Casady’s bass becomes the lead, then the solo instrument.

"Laughing" - If I Could Only Remember My Name - David Crosby/PERRO - Phil Lesh on bass, all the way through.

Both albums were recorded at the same time in the same studio in San Francisco. PERRO is a group of musicians drawn from the Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead, Quicksilver Messenger Service, CSNY, Santana, and including Laura Allan and Joni Mitchell.

More great songs

"My Bass" Brain Bromberg artist from album Brain Bromberg.

Great bass and speed

:poem of Chinese Drum" artist Hoke-man Yim

"Fever" artist Malia off album Convergence

"Dinner at the Sugarbush" artist Brent Lewis album Drumsex