Two pots

It's been awhile since I last posted with Agon and my rig has changed somewhat. I will be recieving a Golden Voice tube intergrated in the near future and with only one input I'm forced to use my ASL pre for more sources. Both units have pots so how will I incorporate the two. The intergrated is only 12 watts but I don't anything about it's gain potenial. My ASL is a 12au7 piece with plenty of gain but I don't want to overdrive the units. I'm sure this post has been answered at some point but I appreciate any help in this matter. Enjoy the music!
If the amplifier has a non-stepped Alps type volume pot, then turn it up to the max and and use the preamplifiers volume pot as needed.

If the amplifier has a stepped and/or other after market pot you need to specify exactly what it is.
Thanks Dekay for your reply. I do know it's a stepped pot but will have to inquire as to what it is. Stay tuned.