Two years on...AZ Adagios still quality performer?

Hello, just wondering from the AZ adagio crowd if they are still pleased with their purchase. Seems like an awful lot of these up for sale these days...was just wondering if there were some reliability issues or construction issues further down the road? Are they still solid several years down the road?
Had mine for a little over a year and can say i am still quite satisfied with the speakers performance...i listen to mainly jazz,perfect for jazz.I still want to set up with outriggers.Sure theres a ton of speakers that turn the eye and are they the (best)for the money.There are alot of speakers that fill that niche but I have played them solidly everyday and loud when a few beers too many...never an issueI gone from dynaudio to totem to adagios they just have what ive been looking for(no aggressive high end or attention to any frequency..boomy lows)For what you can get used worthy of audition,imho.
Yep, still using mine after over 2 years now and very happy with them. Ready to move up a level soon, but I still think they are excellent value for money. I am sure many are sold after an item ceases to be flavour of the month, which the Adagios were for a while, back 2 years ago. That does'nt mean they are'nt excellent, just that people move on, particularly those who need to be using the latest best thing.
I am afraid I don't get the concern that because an item is up for resale a lot, it is no good. Surely it just reflects how many units are sold.

I agree with you...just wanted to be sure...

...I'll tell you why i'm scratching my head. Seems like even dealers these days are selling these speakers at much reduced prices. The original price on a pair of Adagioss was $4300, but I"m seeing even a new pair from dealers (not a demo) for $2500 to $2800. That tells me either that Adagios are about to retired as a line and people are unloading them to make room for something new....or simply that the dealer markup on these must be huge if dealers can still sell them at almost half price and make money. Now, I'm not a dealer so maybe that's just normal markup for high end audio. But it also has me wondering about the quality of the components if the wholesale price to dealer is so low... or perhaps pieces of these things are made in China to keep costs low??? Thus, my question about reliability over the long term.
Ive talked to robert acouple of times about these concerns,he has reassured me that he has tweaked these things over the years.He being of chinese do the math.Youll be be hard pressed to find anybody that will back up better or find a speaker where parts arent made in china these days.You will pay more it if not that being there selling point?
the other speaker that I see this happening to is the VSA 4jr. Seems there are always several pair of these as well as the Adagio on the used market at GREATLY reduced prices. Never heard either but both have gotten great reviews.
Thanks for the response...most encouraging. I agree...I would be priced out of the market if it wasn't for the gentlemen in China. Certainly great stuff can be had from there....but alot of junk too.