Tyler Accoustics Lynbrook system ones

I would like to hear from owners of these speakers on how they feel they perform. How is the sound stage, and imaging? I am looking for smooth highs and great mids I just ordered a pair and would like some feed back on these speakers from the owners since I went on feed back to buy these speakers. Thanks everyone for all the help my first thread ...Joe
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Give them time to break in. Images are precisely defined on a huge stage. Look up my many responses in various speaker threads, about the Linbrooks, or Tyler Acoustics speakers in general. You'll see. Just, GIVE THEM TIME TO BREAK IN. :-)

Congrats on your purchase. What finish did you get?

Superb speakers (no bias of course, as I own them ;-)). Bottom line is they image quite well, and the stage height is amazing, with a very good width too. The highs are smooth, but no detail is lost, IMO. Sounds like they will not disappoint based on the attributes you are seeking...

I second the advice to give them some time to break in. They'll start sounding better at 50 hours, but they really come into their own with another 100-200+ hours on them. They're a very revealing speaker that will let you hear any changes you make upstream. Soundstage and imaging is very good. I've had mine (in real Rosewood) not quite a year and they're just a great set of speakers.

One thing I would suggest is that in order to hear what these speakers can really do, you need to make certain your room is as acoustically "right" as possible. I've treated my room with bass traps and first reflection absorbers and it makes everything just that much better.
Very easily... Free home trial trial. Then of course there is also the long list of owners that have agreed to audition the speakers in their homes on their equiptment... Finally there are always shows like CES/THE Show in Vegas to get the job done.

Not really that difficult actually...

Well, you call Ty, tell him the speaker you want and then give him your credit card number. ;-) Seriously, I had some reservations when I bought my first pair of Taylo 7Us, but none at all when I got the Linbrooks. Like many people here, I have limited opportunity to demo a lot of high end speakers, so the starting point was Audiogon feedback and other Tyler owners.

However, a larger factor for me is that I've found it's extremely hard IMO to get a good sense of what any component will do based on a showroom demo. The gear upstream, room acoustics, speaker placement etc. all have a large effect on what you end up actually hearing. For example, I've heard B&W 802s in several different demo rooms in a short period of time and there was a significant difference in how they sounded. How a new component will sound in your setup, in your room can often be a semi-educated guess. That's not to say that showroom demos can't be useful; I've A/B'ed CD players and other components in the same dealer system and it helps reveal different characteristics.

If the dealer will let you take something home for a test drive in your system, that's the best way to go. Companies like Tyler that have great, no-hassle return policies essentially let you do that.
Agree with above, very difficult to really hear the end result at a dealer, and most prefer not loaning them out but a few will if you have a good relation with them. When I bought me first pair of Tylers I was going mostly on the good press as there wern't that many owners at the time but Ty assured me if I wasn't a 100% happy I could get a full refund, well I received the speakers and I was blown away with the sound and quality, I then decided to move up the Tyler line and bought the Ref III and planning no speaker upgrades. Sometimes you gotta take a chance, how many used components have you purchased off the gon and not heard them, I know I have many many times, no different with speakers....
Sorry to move the discussion sideways a bit, but has anyone heard Ty's new high sensitivity Pro Dynamic range, with compression horn tweeter. It looks like what I need for my SET amp, but it is so new, I don't know if anyone has them yet.
David12 - A couple of people here on Audiogon have heard and/or purchased the speakers and one had a pair up for sale due to financial reasons. I talked a couple of times with Ty while he was developing the speakers and he was very excited about them. Give Ty a call and he'll be happy to discuss them. One thing he will not do is to try and push them or oversell them - it's just not his style.