Tyler Decade D1 or D2 anyone?

Need opinion on these. Been told by a fellow audiophile that unlike previous models built from SEAS kit and generic Xovers, these models use proprietary drivers developped by-for Tyler only and Xovers designed by a guru of the industry with cabinet shape and new drivers in mind.....any info or experience yet?

Thank you
None yet. I think it was a wise move to revamp as well as go with a new look. I think the previous line had run it's course.

"Proprietary" can be misleading. Good move by suggesting that they are, but I would be curious to know the differences in the drivers TA is using from Seas standard off-the-shelf drivers anyone can buy.
Kanuk you are right. The drivers were custom made for him as are the crossovers. In fact I was just at his company this past weekend. I think the new Decade line is going to sound awesome. Unfortunatly he did not have any I could listen to :(

As far as the differences in how the 2 drivers sound, I don't think there is much difference if at all according to Ty because he would not make a downward move or sacrifice quality. I will be ordering a pair of his D3's in the near future.
Hello Kanuk went to Tys web site did not see the models listed in your post. Are they that new?
Thanks Samzx12 going to get in touch with Ty and discuss these new speakers. Very interesting look and discreption.
FYI, XO Guru on some if not all the new models is Danny Richie of GR Research.
Danny Richie, is thatgood news for Tyler? what is he "famous" for? sorry for the ignorance!!!
Talked with Ty today about his new line. Its aways such a pleasure to have a conversation with Ty. He explained the new speakers and XO, new cabinets and materials used inside. I am very satisfied with my LSS but am surely very inquisitive about D1.
Danny Richie, is thatgood news for Tyler? what is he "famous" for? sorry for the ignorance!!!
Kanuk (Threads | Answers)

Yes very good. Danny is famous for XO's and driver tuning from what I understand. He understands completely drivers and XO's and how to tune them for a flat response for any speaker design. Ty also made or improved XO's in his past line of speakers so he knows a thing or two himself.
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