UGH...The tired, "BEST" Rock guitarist thread

Only because  I found a REALLY  good  copy of terrible  Ted's debut(his best IMO) yesterday, I'm sharing this one. Ted describing the electric  guitar God hierarchy gets my vote. I tapped out after Dog Eat Dog(before Derek St Holmes was dropped.) Those 2 albums and early Amboy Dukes still sound great to me.



On a good night, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton. John Cipollina, Jerry Garcia and Jorma Kaukonen. Johnny Winter, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Johnson. Danny Gatton, Roy Buchanan. Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Shawn Lane, Steve Morse.


"I don't generally go along with the concept of 'best':

larsman- I agree. Musicianship isn't the same as the fastest sprinter or athletic endeavor.  

It is however, interesting to hear an opinion from a polarizing guy as Ted, who does have cred to make such a statement.

The non relevant straying is....TIRED, as the title says. 

Dave Navarro never seems to be in the conversation so tossing that out. But really, is there anyone who can touch John Butler? Listen to “ocean” on the 11 string guitar and its game over.


A truly prime selection of fret flyers. But I'm also partial toward the punk/new-wave generation. The Ramones (I'll never remember their individual first names) remain underappreciated and unsurpassed for their unanimity and sheer enthusiasm & passion. No band ever sounded happier to be playing what they were playing.

My favorite quote about shredding guitar players was Zappa, "It's not a pushup contest." I met Hendrix, opened for Zep, blah blah...most moving guitar playing I've ever heard? Jesse Ed Davis was in town (Honolulu) for a while (I actually loaned him a Fender Vibroverb for some recording thing he was doing) and he sat in with a band I knew for a simple blues jam...I'll never forget it. For me the jazz world has the most interesting players...Julian Lage, John that...saw Joe Pass in the mid