Universal remote for audio only

I am looking for a remote for my listening room so I just need it for audio. Most of the universal remotes I have seen are geared more for TV and home theater. They seem far more complicated than what I need. I want something that is geared more toward audio. Something to control my CD player, preamp, and so on so I don't have so many remotes.
i'm with you! i'd love a nice, chunky aluminum learning remote, but it'd be such a niche product that i doubt it would be cost effective to produce.
When setting up my Harmony remote for my HT, I did note that my 2CH gear was supported (Cary, Pass Labs)..I would start there, I think their website will confirm which gear is or is not supported.

Good Luck,jtb
Harmony is your best bet. But you still have to tweak the codes and do some learning on more esoteric equipment. Just ignore all the other buttons ;-)
I wanted the same thing you did but I would up buying a used Sony RM-AV2100 remote and am very pleased with it. They sell for $20-30 on ebay and can do almost anything you want them to do (full learning, very customizable, etc.) The only drawback is that they are a little big and clunky but I have big hands so it works for me.

I bought the Logitec Harmony 1000 to use with my home theater but programed it to control my Lector CDP and VAC pre (both were avaliable in logitec's database) and it now is at my side during all listening sessions.
A small, simple learning remote that has worked very well for me is the Sony RM-VL700 . They're no longer made but are available from several sources online.

It can control five devices and you can program or train any of the five source buttons for any kind of device you have. They're labeled, TV, VCR, DVD, Cable/Sat and Amp but as long as you remember which button works for the device you've set it up for it works great. I use the TV and Amp buttons for those devices in my system and the DVD button to control my CD player.
I'll put a 4th in for Logitech Harmony (I have the Harmony One). It has finally replaced my other remotes 98% of the time, and I might add it is the first universal remote to even get close to that (and I've used several). The setup process is straightforward and painless, and Logitech supports a huge number of manufacturers with pre-programmed support.


Thanks for every ones suggestions. I have thought about the Harmony one along with the Harmony 880 and the Universal Remote Control Digital R50. They all just seem far more complicated than what I need. In the end I am just not sure I would use one of them. The Sony RM-VL700 looks a lot simpler and might be worth a try. It just seems like there should be a high end remote designed specifically for 2 channel audio.