Unpowered Sablon USB Cable, how to add power line


I have an unpowered Sablon 2020 USB cable that I purchased after assurances from my equipment manufacturers that it would work in my setup. I am having a hard time selling it and wondering who can add a power line for me? With most shops currently busy I am at odds.




I use a USB Disruptor.  Got even better when I powered it with a tap off my HDPlex 300 LPS.


Thanks I will give that a try. My guess is USB from server to Disruptor and direct connection to Integrated amp USB input?

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Looked it up, yes I would suggest this could be a great solution without needing to open up the USB plug and soldering in a plug and lead to accept 5VDC input.

In terms of absolute fidelity, it would be more work to dismantle the USB connector B to the DAC, and solder in a barrel plug with a lead. I only say that because materials and lesser connectors may or may not introduce more or less noise.

From this diagram above, you would need to introduce 5VDC to 1 and ground (which will be negative in the circuit) to 4.
If you do go this route, a linear power supply is truly the way to go, and you need both conductors soldered into the USB B plug, if there’s no potential difference there will be no power. If you purchased it directly from them, perhaps you could ask if they would solder in a barrel plug that would accept either a male of female from a LPSU. No, not a switching power supply in the photo below, just showing you a barrel plug.

Thanks. I will take the easier route and buy the Disruptor. Wondering if a reclocker such as Ideon Audio 3R will allow me to do same?