Sablon Audio Cables

I am quite surprised that there has not been any talk on Audiogon on the Sablon range of cables. There seems to be a hell of alot press on them and testimonials on their site. But outside on forums they are spoken little of.

Can anyone share their experience with them.
I own some...stunning value for money. I also own TA Ref XL MM2, so i am blessed to have some nice cables too. I know Mark Coles (no affiliation) and respect his passion. His focus is on black backgrounds, startling detail and maintaining as tonally pure a sound as he can. He likes tubes on a personal basis, but is in the pursuit of detail and extension. Comparing to my 10-yr old Transparent Ref Cables, i think his are better by a wide a fraction of the cost. He definitely gets up there when compared with some far more expensive cables...and i dont think you will find any sacrifice. it is his direct sales model that allows him this pricing advantage...which translates to the buyer. I know people do shoot-outs with his stuff vs the new TA Reference cables, Valhalla, Jorma Prime...that is seriously expensive stuff. I think most of the feedback is that his cables can just about hang in there...that is an incredible feat given his pricing.
I auditioned the Panatela IC's and the Gran Corona cord. Bought them both. Quiet and detailed. Huge difference over admittedly less expensive cables.
Thanks lloyd for your feedback. Which Sablon cables do you own?

I have read all the feedback from the Sablon site. But I haven't read many on forums. I am a bit weary on feedback on manufacturers sites. One really does not know whether they are real or made up.

Still find it strange for a cable that has been reviewed so extensively to have so little feedback on them on forums.
Btw I have got the Sablon rubusto cables and find them to be excellent value for money. Great build quality and sound. Would like feedback on their Pantela interconnect and how they compare to cables such as Jorma etc......

I know on their website the feedback has them beating everything out there, but would like to hear from people on Audiogon.
There has been some discussion on this site, of Mark's cables. The origonal cable was the Robusto and that is the sweetspot in the range for me. I have several pairs,as I do of the equally well spoken of, Lessloss origonals. I love them both, though they are different, tubes to SS if you like, the Robusto being a bit richer.
I have tried the Uber Robusto, made on the way of developing the Gran Corona and did'nt hear a great difference, to be honest. Mark lent me an RCA pair of the Panatella's. They were very good for the price, but I preferred, my Virtual Dynamic Master cables and Silver Arrow Big Daddy cables. The latter are some Palladium cables made by a one man outfit in the UK
I have the Panatella which i use between my pre and amp (RCA-XLR) which Mark custom terminated for me. I have 2 Gran Corona PCs. The rest of my system is Transparent Audio Ref XL and XL MM2. The rest of my power cables are Purist Audio Dominus and Ann Contego.

I will say i have compared Mark's to older TA Ref...and i would say dead heat, except where Panatella upper range is more refined/cleaner noise floor, but TA Ref is more liquid. Hope that is helpful.
Yes, I have the Sablon Molto Paella and the Largo Pancetta, which I find to have a nearly non-existent noise floor...almost a "black hole effect" they are so quiet. The only (and I mean ONLY) drawback with the Paella is that it is a bit "spicy" in the upper mids, and the " frequency flavors" if you will sometimes do not combine quite right. The Pancetta, though. WHOA, watch out now, because these babies just DESTROY the value to performance ratio. NO spice here, and that same death star gone dark noise floor is still there in spades. Can't wait to get my hands on the new Cantibile (supposedly, it means "in a singing style") coming out soon!!
Wish to ask whether has anyone did a comparison between the sablon audio gran corona and the triode wire labs 7+ thanks
Not the TWL 7+ but I have a Gran Corona on my tube integrated and TWL cables everywhere else in my system (two 8s, a 10 and a twelve) and I generally prefer the TWL cables by a small but relevant margin. Better tone and more organic and just as quiet.

The exception is on tube amps and preamps, I tend to prefer the Gran Corona. I made the analysis to a friend of the 8 gauge TWL on my Melody singing sweet little nothings into my ear while the Gran Corona is more like STFU and take it!
I have three Gran Coronas and two triode wire labs PCs. They are both slam dunks for the asking/performance ratio. I liken there effect to salt and pepper. Alone they are great , in my rig mixing triodes on front end and coronas on amp makes a recipe for musical success :)
I have 2 Ubers on my conditioner, 2 Gran Corona and 2 pair of Panatela IC's.I plan to upgrade the Panatela's to the newer impoved versions. I can't say enough about the Sablon
line. Mark has his products for audition in the US. Contact him and put yourself on the list.
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it's also heartening to hear that people are connoting that cables are tone controls.
Hi Mr. Tennis,

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Just wanted to revive this old thread.

Sablon seem to be still flying under the radar. 

Folks, i just added a Sablon Corona Reserva pc to my system and it really is a superb pc. Highly transparent and extended at both ends of the FS. Everything jumps into place with better focus and depth. Plus, the silence and background noise are improved. Sablon are the real deal. 



Which piece of gear did you apply the Sablon Corona Reserva PC ?

Does Sablon have U.S. distribution or representation?


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@jafant I use the Sablon from the wall to the Furutech strip. I think this position is probably the most important one. The Sablon uses the Oyaide 004 plugs, which seem to be a great match to my Oyaide R1 wall outlet.

I don't know if Sablon has US representation. If not, Mark should consider this. 


Thank You for the quick f/u to my query. Where did you purchase the PC?

 15a or 20a ?  Attempted on your Esoteric DV-60 player?


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The Sablon was bought used, but in like new condition. It’s a 15 amp model and no, I have not tried it on the Esoteric. I replaced a Supra cable in that location with a PS audio micro lab cable, not a big upgrade. I’m sure the Sablon would be a lot better there, but I needed something from the wall, as I believe this is where the biggest bang arrives.
BTW, I think Mark believes in a direct sales model, and this is mentioned on his web page. Presumably, to keep costs down and to control turn around time. Remembering that Mark builds these cables to order. 



Thank You. I will check out Mark's website. Is your PC entry , mid or top level.


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The Corona Reserva and the Corona Reserva Elite were the two models below the current King and Prince models. The Reserva was ( AFAIK) the last iteration of the Corona line...and the last revision.