Upgrade 2 conductor power cables

I have upgraded the power cables for multiple devices in my Home Theater.  All of these devices used a 3 conductor male plug and an IEC320-C13 female plug.  I am now turning my attention to the remaining pieces of the HT, but they all use 2 conductor wire and either an IEC320-C17p or a C7p or is it C8 (polarized) plug. I'm not exactly sure what they call it but one side is square and the other is circular.  I believe the square side is the polarized connector.  I can find very little DIY information regarding building shielded versions of these type of cords and even less information on where you can buy these connectors. I found one site (VH Audio) that had some info on building a shielded cord for 2 conductor that looks promising but no one sells a C17 plug.  I see indications to use a C13 plug but don't connect anything to the ground connector.  I guess that would work but I think I would just be laying a land mine to walk on sometime in the future.  There are some expensive C7 connectors but I would hope I can find something in the $20 - $30 range.  Am I chasing a Unicorn or is it just better to buy these cords from a manufacturer.  Any and all feed back is welcomed...... let the education begin.



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It takes 2 for polarization .

Slielded cable constricts the sound.

Start over.

VH Audio has both ends and cable you need. I have built this power cord and it’s very good. I’ve built two.





After reviewing the spaghetti bowl of wires behind the stereo rack I have started a quest to shield what can be shielded.  I have built XLR cables (Mogami 2534 star quad wire & Neutrik connectors), RCA interconnects (Canare star quad wire and Nakamichi connectors), shielded 3 conductor power cords (Mogami 3104 wire and Sonarquest connectors), speaker cables (Canare 4s11 wire and Nakamichi locking banana plugs). I have chosen the DIY route as to maximize the best-bang-for-the buck scenario and not spend thousands chasing that last 2% of improvement.  The last power cables to be shielded are the 2 conductor cords to the pre-amp, DVD player and TV.  These are all polarized plugs.  What my research has taught me is I can use a C13 connector in place of a c17. It appears I will be building (2)  3 conductor shielded power cords. The DVD player uses a C7p, I need to dig up more information on this cable build.  When this project has completed I hope to have removed all of the 'hum' background noise and cleaned up the spaghetti bowl behind the stereo rack.



There is a lot of good information on the VH Audio site.  The Furutech connectors are on my radar.  I will contact them and see if they have a C7p plug.  and a right angled c13 plug.  The wire looks very high quality but I have several feet of the Mogami wire that I have left over from the other builds and will be using this.


Thanks again for both of your responses.