Upgrade Bluesound DAC or go to Aurrender?

I want to go up a good step in SQ, I listen mostly to my Bluesound Vault2 and LP’s, streaming only for background music. Do I get a outboard DAC for the Bluesound ($3-5k) or switch to an Aurrender like the A10? Vote here. 
I just upgraded bluesound node to an Aurender A100. Not only is it a Marked improvement in SQ but the Aurender app is light years better than blueOS. 
If you’re thinking about A10, consider A100, essentially identical units with addition of coax out and balanced connections in A10 with a considerable price difference 

if i understand the question right, I’d sure not spend thousands on upgrading a five hundred dollar Blue sound node.

in nearly every instance of moddifying/upgradinfg a device, the outcome regularly varies either subjectively or synergistically.

i’ve only heard upscale servers at shows, but more often than not, in numerous setups, those with aurender came off sounding more tangible and real.

then too, the dA’s in play were nothing to sneeze at either and many ranged from near 10k to well beyond 30K in a few cases.

i doubt too the particular Aurdnder in play was one of their lower end units.

i’ve not owned Aurender but have heard theior support arm is fabulos and maybe that is important to you.

IMO it comes down to how important is it given its application and the surrounding gear in play at the time?

I’ll be crossing this river soon enough as I only have the BSN 2I myself.

good luck!
Thanks to all, I believe I will first upgrade to an outboard DAC, then go to the N10 at some future date. Although the A10 will get me a very nice improvement, if I did ever want to upgrade from the A10, I'd have to start from scratch. This way I get a nice improvement now with a nice DAC, then another one with the N10 when the cash flow improves. I think that is reasonably logical at least for me. 
I agree that adding an outboard DAC to the Node will certainly improve the sound. But don't discount what a good streamer brings to the party. Something like the Aurender or a Lumin will be a nice upgrade too.