Upgrade from Revel F52's

I have had these speakers the longest of any in my system over the last 10 years. They are coherent, have great bass and imaging and are musical. They do not have the midrange magic of my past Spendor SP1/2e or the Top end of Virgo III's. My system is Pass X2.5 pre, X250 amp and VPI Modded Supper Scout Master. My music 70% clasic rock, 20% Blues, 10% clasical/Jazz. My room is 11 x 18 Speakers on the short wall and opens behind my couch into another room. I have bass traps and absortion pannels.

I'm looking at Wilson Sophia or Vandersteen 5's used. Any thoughts or recomendations. Budget is 5K+

Save another 3k and get a pair of used Studio2's. I went from F52's to Studio2's to Salon2's. The biggest incremental gain was from F52 to Studio2.
I would agree with wpines if you want to save the money. But if you are in the mood to buy now of the 2 mentioned I would get the Sophias. I have heard both and the Vandys just don't have the presence of the Sophias. But as an owner of the F32 I would love to go with the 52 but actually have been setting ky sights on the Linn Akutrate
242. There is set listed now for 5400, if you haven't heard these they are very impressive. I guess I haven't seen the Sophias for 5K here on AG. But if you can find some for that pricepoint, it will be a tough decision.
Not a big fan of the Studio2..I would rather have your present speakers and the cash in hand ..On the other hand the Wilson Sophia and your Pass 250 mate very very well..Yep,I strongly suggest that path as one to travel