Upgrade guidance none given on the amp forum

so I thought I would ask here.
Maybe this time I will keep my message shorter and to the point.
I have a second music only system consisting of Rotel RA-1060 amp, Rotel RCD-961 CD Player and Monitor Audio Silver S6 speakers. A couple of weeks ago I bought a Philips 963SA DVD/SACD player. However, I think this was a mistake as I already have the Sony 999ES with my 5.1 setup in another room and I think I would have benefitted more from upgrading my Rotel 1060 or 961.

So at first I thought of simply upgrading to the Rotel 1062 which is supposedly a much better amp then the 1060 and also to the Rotel 1072 CD Player which has been getting a lot of good reviews. But then I thought if it would be better to get an outboard DAC for my existing CD player and a power amp such as the Rotel RB-1050. It seems now that the external DAC may be out of the question as they are generally quite expensive.

Anway, which direction would be good to go in. Is there going to be a huge difference between the 961 and the 1072 that would be worthy of an upgrade? Would adding a power amp be better or getting a better integrated like the 1062 be the better dicision.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

-- Sanjay
Sanjay, your questions are valid and certainly to the point. My guess, there are no members with EXACT experience to guide you. Many here including myself, will say nothing rather than guess.
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Hi Sanjay,

We have all asked the same question if a particular upgrade is worth the $$$. That is subjective and different people will give different answers. This is something only you can answer for yourself. There is no wright or wrong.

My advice in general would be to upgrade to a better amp or pre-amp because it would benefit all sources. Try and see if you can audition different pieces in your system and see what gives you the biggest improvement for the money spent.

I hope this has helped and that you find what you are looking for. Good luck!

You want a DAC and a better amp, you can get both by running the digital output of your CDP directly into a TacT M2150 or S2150 digital amp. www.tactaudio.com.