Upgrade my power conditioner?

Hi Audiogon Nation,

I'm presently running with a Shunyata Hydra Talos in my system with a Shunyata Zitron Alpha HC power cable connecting it to a Shunyata ZR1 outlet.  

I've heard that the Shunyata Denali 6000S is a great piece and would be an upgrade to the Talos.  Not sure I am looking to fix anything.  This is more of a curiosity.  

While considering the Denali, I'm also looking at a PS Audio DirectStream P12.  The P12 is a different animal.  I can get one for less ($$$) than the Denali by about $500.

Any body try out one or both of these?  

Thoughts on sound?  

Thanks and kind regards,

I am listening to a system running off of a P5, the precursor of the P12.  I admit to being a proponent of regenerated power for many, many years. My relationship with PS regenerators goes back to the P500.

The P5 and I'm sure the P12 are so much better built and robust in operation than the PPP that preceded  these more recent offerings.  Now all of these units are built in Boulder and are held to strict QC.

With even my 275 watt/ch. SS amp plugged in as well as the rest of my gear I am only using 31% of the P5's capability.  That leaves plenty of comfort room.  My incoming power has 1.7% THD, the output to the system is .1%.  

My system has never sounded better than it does now.

Have read many positives about the Shunyata gear but have no experience with their products.

If you are really considering the PS P12, give them a call and talk to the tech. staff.  They will take the time to talk through your system with you and advise you on whether or not the PS gear sounds like a good option for you.
Sorry, I forgot to mention the importance of the Multiwave option.  It really does add a natural dynamic punch to your system.  Unique as far as I know to PS Audio.
Many thanks Hifiman5. Good feedback. You can probably clear something up for me about the PS units. My listening room goes unused for multiple days sometimes and my concern is running up a big electrical bill. Does the PS P5 churn full throttle when all your components are in standby?  Does it sense when everything is on standby and then puts itself into standby?

I am not sure what multiwave is, but will look it up. Thanks for that tip. 

I think my power needs are not that great and the P12 will be plenty. I have a Luxman 590axii integrated amp with 30W into 8 ohms, 60W into 4. Two powered Martin Logan ESLs, PS Audio DirectStream Junior DAC, Esoteric CD player and VPI turntable. 
So I think 1200W of power from the P12 is plenty.

You might consider phoning PS Audio and ask them some of your technocial questions.
Thanks Iak!  I have called PS Audio before to discuss DACs and I was not impressed with the engineers lack of deep knowledge about the pieces and networking.  Maybe I was not speaking to the correct person.  
Jasonsim, at that point in time I'd request to talk to Paul himself or have him phone you back.
Thanks Iak.  I called PS Audio today and got my questions answered.  They said leaving the P12 unit on all the time in idle, would draw something like 30W.  If you put it into standby, it's more like <1W. 

They also said that the fans are whisper quiet and should only run in less than 10% of usage applications.  

The P12 unit can also provide the necessary current during dynamic transients.  And cleans up noise.  

I was also told that the THD was do low that you cannot hear the hiss when turning your preamp / amp to high volume listening levels.

I’m eagerly awaiting a new PS Audio P12. Got a great deal and so have little to loose in trying it out.

I read someone say ( another thread ) that the P12 cannot handle a big amp. Not sure what a big amp is to them, but I am hoping my integrated will not be a ploblem. It is a Luxman 590axii with 30Wpc into 8 ohms. Full class A power; 60wpc into 4 ohms. I also have a pair of Martin Logan Montis speakers that will need to be powered by the normal outlets on the P12. Then 3 source components: a VPI Classic 4, Esoteric K-05 CD player, and a PS Audio DirectStream Junior DAC. 

I don’t think this will overload the P12. 

I’ll report back once I have had a few listens with the P12 in my system. 
I have a P10 and a Denali 6000S.  They are different.  I had the P10 first.  My W4S class D amp did not like it.  I have my analog (and amp) on the Denali and digital on the P10.  The P10 is an improvement. I set the Multiwave and Phase by ear.  I have it at MW 1 the lowest, the phase at -3 and like Low Distortion over High Regulation which surprised me, I thought digital equipt likes a regulated PS.  Each of the 3 settings makes a difference. 
But, if I was going to choose one unit I would go with the Denali.  It is more of a wow factor and will run the amp without detriment.  I have the P10 running off the Denali, it sounds better.  And its a million pounds lighter.

Thanks for the feedback. I have had the PS Audio P12 in my system now for over a week.  Everything is plugged into it. My integrated amp sounds great. No loss of dynamics from what I can tell. I feel it to be an upgrade over my older Hydra Talos. The best way I can describe it is that the sound is the same now no matter the time. No more waiting until evening time or late night to get the best sound. 

I am only using about 350w when all my stuff is running. 35w when everything is in standby. 

Maybe one day I will have the opportunity to try out a Denali. My local shop carries the line, but they have no demo units. 
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@shoe congratulations! If you cannot hear the differences, then perhaps you have perfect power delivery to your home.
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I recently upgraded from a PS Audion P10 to P15 and immediately noticed improved bass, better detail and a bit of smoother sound from both of my DACs.
If the P15 is too big a beast for you, I suspect the P12 has the same level of technological improvement compared to the P5 it replaced.
Thanks Elizabeth. I already have a Shunyata ZR1 duplex wall outlet that I plug the P12 into. 

I might get another outlet for my smaller system downstairs. I might try the PS Audio offering or other. There are so many outlets available these days