Upgrade or repair Museatex products

I have a Museatex Bidat and CD transport which I have owned for 15 years. Seems to have a couple of issues. First, it seems to take a while for the CD to begin playing, generally about 2 minutes when first turned on. Second, it sometimes skips when playing a CD. Any thoughts on having these repaired and what it would cost? I've read some good things on this forum about John _____? and his repairs/updates of these products. I was wondering if this would resolve. Alternatively, should I consider just getting a new transport and DAC?
What transport are you using? Seems like the problem is there, not the DAC. I assume the DAC is locking onto the signal.

If your Bidat is stock then John's updates might be something to look into. There is also some discussion of Bidat upgrades on the Good Sound web site (Romy the Cat). Worth researching a bit before making any decisions.

Personally, if I owned a properly functioning Bidat I'd keep it.
John Wright does repairs and upgrades to the Bidat and also has some spare parts for the transport. Best to contact him:

John Wright Contact info

I have some friends in Calgary who know John personally and have gotten upgrades from him. Everyone I ever talked to was extremely happy with the upgrades even if the work takes time occasionally.

If the Museatex transport cannot be repaired, I would consider a computer based set-up as transport and keep the Bidat as external DAC.
I'm another John Wright upgraded Museatex owner (Bitstream & CDD). Last time I checked with him(1-2 years ago), he did not have any more parts to service the Museatex cd players. Instead, he recommended a used Theta Pearl as a low-cost alternative.

Obviously, there are much better transports available, but he felt the Pearl would not hold back their DAC's.