Upgrade q. Preamp, Schiit Freya +


In your informed opinion, what's the next audio improvement/step up, at a $2K budget from the Freya+ (with tubes).  New or used. 



I love my Freya+. The only thing I would upgrade to would be a SupraTek but every time I listen to my Freya I say no need to upgrade.

Schiit just brough out a new preamp -- the all solid state Kara, which actually costs less than the Freya+ since it has no tubes.  It has some unique design aspects that even the Freya doesn't match.

But, it may run counter to the upgrade urge you've got.

I went from the Freya+ to the Benchmark LA4 and Holo Serene. I like both much more than the Freya+ (both can be found used for $2500-ish). I realized I do not want to add anything to the sound with a preamp (especially noise). I let the amp and source do the flavouring. I also compared these 2 preamps to my now sold $7k CODA 07x. Again I like the LA4 and Serene for the utter silent delivery of sound.

I say this as someone who is amazed at how great both the Schitt Yggi+ Less is More  DAC and the Aegir amp (20-watts and used as a headphone amp). Schitt is now a go to vendor when I need something.

The LA4 is more feature rich and the Serene is maybe a touch warmer. I have not done real deep A/B tests with both.