Upgrade suggestions for Stacked Quad ESL 57 system

Happy Holidays Everyone -

I have a quasi-Mark Levinson HQD System since 1978.

I really enjoy my stacked quad esl 57's but I am open to changing and or modifying some if not all of my components to take my system to the next level.

My other components are as follows:

- Forsell Air Force One TT with its own tonearm (very open to change)- I am very interested in a modified idler but again, I'm open to all suggestions.
- Koetsu Onyx - original version re-tipped
- 3 Bedini 25/25 1mg amps - 2 bridged mono amps for my Quads, 1 stereo amp running my Decca ribbon tweeters (I really don't want to part with the mono amps, but I am open to all suggestions)
- Mark Levinsom ML3 amplifier driving my subwoofer - (open to using a pair of subs with built in amps/crossovers)
- Convergent Audio Technologies SL1 Mk 2 Reference preamp (very open to change - I don't listen to digital sources)
- Dual Fried subs in a single transmission line enclosure
(I also have a Janis SW1 sub that is not being used)
- 1 pr. of modified Decca ribbon tweeters without horns
- Symmetry ASC1 crossover - (want to get rid of)
- Symmetry ASC2 crossover - (want to get rid of)
- Yamaha - T2 Tuner - (considering a Marantz 10B or a McIntosh MR-71, but again, am open to all suggestions)
- Stax Lambda headphones with a Stax SR-12 Energiser/Preamp (want to upgrade, but I'm a big Stax fan)
- Revox A77 Reel-to-Reel tape recorder - I enjoy my reel-to-reel
- VPI 16 Record Cleaner - (definitely needs to be replaced)
- Mark Levinson cables

I enjoy rock, jazz and large scale classical. My listening room is approximately 20 by 14 by 10.

I can allocated up to $50,000 for this project, but I am looking for the best possible sound at the most reasonable price.

I'm open to tube and solid state.

I appreciate the time you have taken to read this and look forward to your timely replies.

All the best,


I think you have a very good system,I've owned stacked Quad 57 and ran them with AtmaSphere amp and pre-amp,and also with a 1961 Bell integrated tube amp.

They have a sound which draws you into the music, at least that's what my audio friends used to tell me.
They haven't said that about the last 4 or 5 pairs of speakers I've owned since.

If there is something that you feel is lacking with your sound,I think you need to elucidate what you feel your present components shortcomings are.

I think sometimes we think a change is due even when it isn't and we make expensive sideways and even backwards moves.

I don't know if you have invested in upgrades to your power delivery such as dedicated lines, upgraded power cords, line conditioning,even upgraded fuses can all improve on the sound you have now.Add in some room treatment devices if you haven't tried them, and for much less than you have budgeted,I think you will find the sound you are searching for,and not have any seller's remorse.
You still have some very well respected and sought after gear, which only needs a bit of upgrading perhaps a good going over by a tech of good repute is all that you need.

Selling all that you have and starting from scratch even with 50 grand may not get you anywhere as close to the sound you have now.
Hello Rich
do you still have your Forsell turntable?
 Thank you very much 
kind regards 
Darn Rich, that is like going back in a time machine. I helped Sound Components install those systems back in the late 70s. Do you have the Levison Stands? Why not Hartley'S?
So, you have the itch:)  What would I do??????
If the Turntable is OK good bearing and all I would put an Air Tight PC 1 Supreme in it. Simplicity is always best. I would sell the Quads and get a pair of SoundLabs 845's in Ultimate frames, 945s if you have 9 foot ceilings. Then you can lose the tweeters, a cross over and an amp. Then I would keep everything else the same for the time being assuming it is all in good working order. That pretty much blew all your money. Next I would work on your sub woofer arrangement.