Upgraded Atma-Sphere MA-1 from 3.0 to 3.3

The was as dramatic of a change as when I had my M-60’s upgraded by Ralph and team. I am about halfway through the break in of the vcaps. And these continue to impress me everyday. They drive my Vandersteen’s with no problem at all. Maybe slightly better then the M60’s. And definitely way better than prior to the upgrade. The M60 3.3 seemed to drive the speakers better than the MA-1 3.0. But now they are upgraded to 3.3 it’s like wow.... I tried them on a set of Maggie 1.7i and they were ok as 3.0 without Zero’s. They were much better with zeros. But as 3.3 upgrade no zeros needed at all. They sound the same with or without the zero’s. As did my M60’s. The difference in the 3.3 upgrade from any other version is huge. Absolutely worth doing on any Atma-Sphere Amplifier. The authority as to which the drive speakers is exceptional. Effortless you could say even driving harder less efficient speakers. Which creates a better soundstage, space, and details that one can only imagine. Its like listening to music for the first time sometimes. Brings the musicians right into your room. The soundstage is exceptional. My speakers just melt into the room. And instruments are in their respective places. I can follow the vocals as the move across the stage. Everything is just dramatically much better.
All I can say is if your a Atma-Sphere Owner. And you haven’t upgraded to 3.3 current version. You will not be disappoint in anyway shape or form. This upgrade gets the most out of these amps you can get. Everything is better across the board. And the Authority of the power boost is incredible. All I can say is I am one happy Atma-Sphere owner. Next I am saving for a MP-3. To complete my system. Maybe a year or two down the road.
I just traded in my MP-3 for a MP-1 only because my Ayre KX-R bested it.
If I were you, I would keep an eye out for a used MP-1. That way you'll never have to upgrade again.
I doubt I’ll ever be able to afford a MP-1. But I hear what your saying. I am looking for an MP-3. Then save to have that upgraded. baby steps.... lol.... All I know is these are all I could ever ask for. They even look great.... lol...