I have a case of upgradeitis. Currently have Kef reference 3 and coda continuum 8 with T+A dac 8 dsd. Pretty happy with the sound. Getting the upgrade itch. Room is 15 x 18. Previously had Vivid Audio oval. Considering the Kaya 45. Wondering if anyone has any thoughts. 


I'm on a similar upgrade path with a similar sized room.  I'm using a venerable KEF speaker from the '90's, the KEF Reference 107. I'm the original owner. They have been upgraded with better crossover parts and new internal wiring.  I have struggled to find anything I like much better without spending a fortune, so I will be interested in responses. The rest of my system is CODA 16 amp, CODA 07X preamp, Playback Design Merlot DAC, (Upgrading to Playback Design MPD-6 soon), Innuos Statement streamer, and a stereo pair of REL S510's. . I find the KEF and CODA gear to be a really compelling combination! I would echo the comment about considering adding subs to your setup. You will like what they do to the soundstage and it's NOT about more bass. 

See if you can listen to a pair of Wilson-Benesch....carbon fiber cabinets,,extreme technology and they get out of the box totally. 

Have fun with it. If I was you I’d try the coda v2 first, then maybe different speakers. The problem with replacing Kef speakers is they ride the line so well that every other speakers improvement is a trade off for something else the R3 does better.