Upgrading Speakers

Does it make sense to upgrade my speakers to Sonus Faber Olympica Nova III from the Sonus Faber Sonetto V. connected to Moon 390 and Moon 330A respectively. I love the Sonus Faber sound so I want to stay with the brand but when I consider the price point of the Nova !! relative to the Moon amplification I'm not sure.Also love the Moons.

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Sonus Faber made a significant change in there sonic presentation about ten years ago with the release of the Olympica and some other models that increased the level of detail adding a bit more treble without loosing their natural sound with great rhythm and pace.

@ghdprentice Are there any big jumps in their lines where stepping up yields a bigger result than others?

They are pretty consistent about jumps per $. I think you are wondering if there is a special spot. No… only if you can afford to match the very best to your room.

Each double in price is a real jaw dropper.


So in my large room Olympica -> Amati -> Lilium are all huge jumps. The Serifino would sound right if I had a much smaller room.

Yes, thinking about this, any 2x jump is going to be really impressive and if more, even better.



@ghdprentice That makes total sense. Fortunately I have a local dealer I've visited in the past that carries the full line, I've always been curious about in thinking about future next steps from the Focals.

I spent an hour yesterday auditioning the Olympica Nova III at the local dealer's listening to a wide range of musical genres. When I got home I then went through the same genre assortment listening on the Sonetto V's. there was a marked improvement in the clarity, detail, sound-stage and overall dimensionality (if such a word actually exists) in the presentation of the music from the Nova III.  Bearing in mind the Nova III is thrice as expensive as the Sonetto I'm not sure that I can justify spending three time as much as I did to replace Sonetto with Nova III. I'd be grateful for links to any actual comparisons between those two models if anyone has seen any.