upgrading to class D amp.....

Hello fellow music lovers.
I am looking to upgrade my amplifier to a class D or digital amplifier, due to the fact that my electric bill is getting out of hand, since I work from home three days a week, and equipment is on all day; being fairly ecologically conscious, i am tired of the my amp being so inefficient in energy use.
So I decided to take the plunge and look for class D or digital amp.
Why: energy efficient, size, and from what I have read, manufacturers have made leaps and bound in quality.
Budget: up to $ 2000 , used or new.
speakers : focal 836/91db efficient music: classic, blues, some rock.
Looking forward to opinions and advice.
Thank you.

Never mind Shakey's response. Over the years, I have used many different amps, Class A, AB, SET, and Class D most recently. I still use an SET 300B for that time when I feel the urge, but in order to not put too many hours on some very expensive output tubes, I use Class D Audio CDA 254 kit amps I built. The sound is smooth, detailed and capable of tremendous transient response.

I would have preferred the Hypex Core amps, but they're just too expensive for me.

A complete kit, such as I built, can be had for under $450, or, they have assembled amps for around $600 or so. They run very cool, sound great, and parts quality is high. The usual disclaimer applies here, I am not in any way affiliated with Class D Audio. Just a happy user.

What he said. I have a class d audio sds 470c and its price to performance is off the charts. Having said that the ncore amps are incredible. If I were in the market for new amps and had twice your budget I would jump on the ncore mono blocks listed on here for $1500 and pocket the rest. Best of luck with your decision.