Uptone Audii ISO REGEN and Aesthetix Romulus DAC/CD Player

Hi, I’ve read a lot of positive reviews/press about the Uptone Audio ISO REGEN and their Ultracap 1.2 LPS. I’m using an Aethetix Romulus DAC with a Dell laptop, Audioquest Diamond Usb cable and external HDD to play hi res files. I’d like to know if there would be any benefits in using the ISO REGEN between the Dell and Aesthetix Romulus? Thanks for your opinions and feedback.
I use a set-up much like your own, playing CD and SACD rips and some high resolution downloads stored on a hard disk and played through a lap-top into a DAC. That being said my advice is that there's really no telling how any of these little boxes will sound in your set-up.  I've read a lot about the reclockers and galvanic isolators and I think it's fair to say the results are all over the map.  You have to try and see.

I (think I) settled on an Intona when I scored a good used one.  Using a computer as a source is less than ideal as, apparently, there's a lot going on inside them that can interfere with SQ.  I believe it is a weak link in the system, but so convenient.  It was also free as I had a spare.  Galvanic isolation of the computer done right cleans up all the signals.  And in the case of the Intona it is powered from the computer USB so I didn't have to consider expensive power supplies.  And it works.

But it is sui generis  YMMV.  YMWV.  Buy with a return privilege if you can. 
SOtM tX-USB Ultra is better than the ISO Regen.  You'll absolutely hear an improvement.
Well for $1750 (including master clock and PS) it should.  

But 6moons, for example, reports it improves one system more than others, another system improved just a bit and a third system performed better without it.  Other reviews may have different results, but these things are system dependent.  There are no absolutes.

Like I said, try before you buy.
“... these things are system dependent...try before you buy.”  Perfectly stated melm. The better digital sources and DACs may not benefit from these. IME with the ISO Regen/LPS-1 between my Aurender and Exogal Comet Plus, sound quality suffered. 

True... everything is system dependent, but I haven’t come across a DAC yet that doesn’t benefit from the tX-USB Ultra. I’ve tried some fairly high-end DACs such as the Ayre QX-5 Twenty and Chord DAVE.

BTW, I have an ISO-Regen and LPS-1 for sale.  PM me if you’d like.