USB audio problems

Hello Folks,

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Being fairly new to digital streaming, my two cents on those annoying pops, clicks and crackles associated with USB audio.

After reading blogs on Computer Audiophile, I decided to try the Schiit Audio Wyrd 'Decrapifier'.

I installed the Wyrd yesterday between my Streamer and DAC. Oh boy! Pops, clicks and crackle nasties are gone.

No sacrifices in SQ, if anything I hear slightly better overall imaging.

Amazing product and incredible value at $99.00.

The only con, another cable in the chain but the improvements far outweighs the added expense.

Associated components:
Aurender N10
Modwright Elyse DAC
Wireworld Platinum Starlight 7 USB
I hear no pops, clicks or crackles in my system. Did you find out what causes it? Maybe latency settings are too low?
Hello, I do not know what causing these issues. I am not tech savvy but I know for fact that these issues are stemming from USB interface. It could be USB MB in Aurender or ModWright. Fortunately, my DAC and streamer have SPDIF and AES/EBU connections as well and I do not hear any crackling and pops via these I/O.

You raise a good point but I am not sure if my setup is indeed suffering from latency issues? For now, it's working just fine with Wyrd in the chain.

Thank you for your feedback!
You can set latency for the audio device from the device driver. Try increasing latency and see if the noises persist.