USB DAC set-up to PC w/ Sound Blaster

I will be purchasing a USB DAC and powered speakers to, hopefully, ratchet up the anemic sound I'm getting from my PC which PC, as I understand it, has a Sound Blaster card installed. Two quickies:
-will I need to "uninstall" the Sound Blaster when I patch my DAC into the PC USB port?
-give me some nice USB DAC choices
Hi Lindisfarne.

Which Soundblaster do you have - the "Live! 5.1"?

Adding a USB DAC will not affect your soundcard unless you disable it. Most people do. One does not need an external DAC with an upscale soundcard (which has its own quality DAC). IMHO, Soundblaster does not make such a soundcard. Upscale cards are like well over $200 and need to be installed by someone who knows what they are doing. .

What is your budget for a DAC or upgrade soundcard?