USB Ext Sound Card Vs. Squeebox

I need your opinion on the following setups. Which system will sound better?

1. Mac Mini with USB Sound Card + DAC
2. Mac Mini with Wifi Squeebox + same DAC

I am playing WAV as the music format.
I assume option 1 is better but option 2 is a cleaner setup for me. Has anyone tried both setups? And is there a noticeable difference?

I have never tried the USB option, but my boulder basic digital mod with a linear power supply sounds real good on my system...

Actually, I tried the USB option before and it sounded really good. I'm trying to setup my system again and want the convinience of the wifi option using the Squeezebox.

What is a boulder basic digital mod with a linear power supply?
This one is totally up to you. I don't think there is a black and white answer. If it were me I would go from the Mac Mini to a USB DAC like the Benchmark DAC1 USB or a Wavelength DAC.

- Chris
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I just purchase a Squeezebox. I will test to see if I hear a difference between the suqeezebox wifi versus an external usb sound card. Both of which will be using the same DAC (Ack).
Sqeezebox has a really good digital out, supposedly you will be hard pressed to find a difference between a good cd player as a transport versus the squeezebox + FLAC encoding